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Case Study: ALC S.p.A.

Case Study
ALC S.p.A.

  • Year of establishment: 1967
  • Country: Italia
  • Turnover: € 150 Mln
  • Industry: elettronica e cablaggi
  • Obiettivo: identify and qualify business opportunities in Germany, France, USA, and Mexico



ALC is an Italian industrial company specialising in electronics and wiring for the automotive sector, based in the Milanese hinterland and with almost 50 years of history.
In detail, it would like to expand on its existing customer base in Germany, France, the United States, and Mexico: particularly interesting markets for automotive electronics. ALC knows its market, but does not know all its potential customers. It therefore wants concrete support for its sales network, so that they do not spend their time and resources looking for companies that will not materialise into targets by the end.


ALC therefore faces several challenges in the market expansion process in Germany, France, the United States and Mexico. These are:
  1. Identification of companies that represent potential customers for its business in 4 respective countries
  2. Knowledge of the markets and companies’ needs in order to adapt the communication and sales approach
  3. Qualification of the most promising commercial opportunities, among the identified companies, to improve the efficiency of its commercial operations and maximise the lead conversion rate


ALC realised it needed support in these areas and decided to use the VisionSphere software to aid it in its tasks:


The first step is about defining the market, which by definition in B2B always consists of a defined list of targets.

Step 1

ALC is clear about the countries in which it would like to expand its business: Germany, France, the United States and Mexico. Based on this information and using VisionSphere, the company creates 4 campaigns with the objective Prospect Qualify. This type of campaign is in fact designed to identify and qualify all prospective companies in the desired markets.

By creating 4 separate campaigns ALC allows VisionSphere to collect data in a consistent manner in relation to both the region and the target companies. Shown below is an example of the campaign visualization that ALC sees on the VisionSphere interface:

Once the goals have been defined, the name and country for the ALC campaign have to be chosen, together with the relevant languages to be monitored in that specific country. After completing this short exercise, the customer answers a series of simple questions to put their business into context for VisionSphere by entering information like: industry terminology, the names of their products and/or services, and defines their competitive advantage.
Thankfully, VisionSphere accommodates the usage of the entirety of the world’s languages. When using VisionSphere, the user can write in his native language with ease, leaving the translation and content evaluation to the software.
This first step represents a fundamental part in the creation of the campaign, as the information entered will be used by the software to create content that perfectly reflects all aspects of the ALC business (we will take a closer look at this in Step 3).

Step 2

Considering that ALC’s main goal entails expanding its network of prospects in 4 different countries, VisionSphere’s Similarity function is essential. Using this software function, it is possible to identify all similar companies in a given country from an initial list of minimum one customer or potential customer provided by the customer. In this way, the software is able to generate a comprehensive and complex list of target companies.
The newly-generated companies will then be available within the campaigns and can be monitored via VisionSphere with the scope of finding out if, when, where and how they search for the automotive products developed by the ALC.
In this case, the company has decided to insert three companies: 3 Italian customers which VisionSphere will base itself of and subsequently yield1 187 target companies based in Germany that are similar and consistent with the original input provided. Now all that is left for ALC to do is replicate the same step for the 3 other campaigns. As a result, VisionSphere’s Similarity function has identified the following targets in the respective countries:
  • In France: 152 target companies
  • In the United States: 271 target companies
  • In Mexico: 98 target companies
Now that ALC has a complete view of its target markets in all 4 countries, it can choose whether to confirm all the companies, delete some or add other segments to further expand the list.

Step 3

Once the company has confirmed the lists of targets it wants to monitor, the campaign creation process misses one key final step: content generation. Using built-in generative artificial intelligence, VisionSphere uses the information entered in Step 1 to generate an extensive list of keywords and highly targeted content which is relevant to ALC’s business for each of the campaigns. Campaigns are to be defined in the language(s) chosen by the user for each country.
In fact, the software exploited the input information from Step 1 to generate lists of keywords, 1 for each language for the user-defined campaign. In this case, it generated content in the following languages for the 4 campaigns in the target countries:
  • Germany: in German and English
  • France: in French and English
  • United States: in English
  • Mexico: in Spanish and English
Coming back to the use of generative AI, keywords, in particular, are a key element in the functioning of the software as they accurately reflect the online searches to be intercepted by the target companies.
Thus, by generating as many relevant keywords as possible localised in the target countries, VisionSphere ensures that it intercepts all possible searches that target companies might undertake on the Internet.
ALC now only has to confirm the generated content and the 4 Prospect Qualify campaigns are ready to be activated. After this step the Prospecting phase ends and the Qualification phase begins.


As soon as the campaign has been activated, VisionSphere starts monitoring the online behaviour of the selected targets in the 4 target countries and reports to ALC all the Internet searches made by these companies in line with the themes of its market, i.e. related to the defined keywords.
After the first 2 days of monitoring, the company is immediately able to see the first results. VisionSphere provides it with a daily ranking of the most promising companies in each country to engage in a business conversation, thus enabling the company to focus its resources on specific target companies and base its decisions on a data-driven approach.
Now, ALC can give access to the statistical results provided by VisionSphere to its 4 commercial representatives present in the countries in which they operate, and enable them to monitor the results to see which companies consistently appear to be the most active in each region. As a matter of fact, all the salespeople can work simultaneously on the most frequently active companies in the countries of reference, clearly identifying which companies consistently show the most interest, what they are interested in and when the searches take place.
With information provided directly by the software, specifically to do with the behaviour of target companies, ALC’s sales force is able to implement a data-driven approach which also yields sustainable results in the long-term. The company can focus its energies and resources on companies that are more likely to be converted into clients.

Key Benefits and Results

After just a few months of using VisionSphere, ALC has been able to notice a remarkable improvement in effectiveness and efficiency in the first stages of its commercial activities. By outsourcing the research and qualification of target companies to VisionSphere, the company has been able to benefit from the following key advantages:
  • Time and cost savings: simultaneous identification and qualification of potential customers in 4 different countries
  • Efficiency in the qualification of the most promising business opportunities: VisionSphere’s ability to monitor and analyse on a large scale the online behaviour of target companies has allowed to ALC to focus its efforts on the most promising leads.
  • Increased conversion rate: adaptation of sales and marketing strategies based on real-time data from monitored companies enabled the improved rate of expansion into Germany, France, the US and Mexico
Following the employment of VisionSphere over the past 6 months, ALC has engaged in several sales conversations with the monitored targets in the different countries. At the same time, the sales department has continued to make use of VisionSphere to determine how they react to the companies’ commercial activities. For example, ALC can make use of the data collected and exploit the daily monitoring features integrated in the software to better comprehend: whether the targets start to search for products online with more frequency, the products in which they are most interested in, whether they have started to search for their competitors’ products, and finally whether they are more or less reactive to undergoing commercial negotiations.


In conclusion, thanks to VisionSphere’s Prospect Qualify feature, ALC has been able to:
  1. Identify target companies for its business in the German, French, American and Mexican markets through the use of the Similarity function of the target companies
  2. Find out which of these companies are looking for their products, the type of products being searched for and the amount of interest generated by each of the products
  3. Tailor the marketing and communication strategies to their target companies, customising their business strategy to the specific needs of each identified company
The Prospect Qualify strategy proves to be the optimal solution for all companies wishing to explore a new market, sector or country, allowing them to acquire information directly from the source itself, i.e. potential customers. This approach allows them to fully understand the real needs and requirements of potential customers, thus guaranteeing a competitive advantage and enabling companies to stay one step ahead of market trends and crucially competitors. Thanks to Prospect Qualify’s ability to accurately analyse the behaviour and preferences of potential customers, companies can adopt more targeted and effective go-to-market strategies, while reducing the risk of unprofitable investments and maximising opportunities for success in new markets.

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