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How it works

VisionSphere enables you to comprehend the real need(s) of your target audience.
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The power of data-driven results

Speed and accuracy in finding new customers: gain advantage over your competitors

VisionSphere identifies potential customers’ interests in a product through real-time processing of automated campaigns that are used to track their online search activities
VisionSphere Screenshot: How does the campaign overview work? Once the campaign is selected, the companies and their interest scores are displayed.
How Custom Analytics Works: Creating a campaign based on user questions

Custom Analysis

Answer a short questionnaire about yourself and VisionSphere will do the rest

VisionSphere will define highly qualified potential customers for you to track based on the business keywords chosen by you and subsequently your targets’ online searches to help you source new customers

Localized information

Simple and immediate data, globally

Discover the location of your prospects/demographics found by VisionSphere and compare the interest level of each location of the companies placed under observation
VisionSphere screen: access to the campaign view screen

Do you want a tailored consult?

Rely on the experts at VisionSphere to provide even more qualified leads and study a sales-oriented communication strategy