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Funnel Marketing B2B: qualify sales leads for export

B2B Funnel Marketing: Qualify sales leads for export

The marketing funnel of a sales-oriented B2B company should always have qualified leads being processed in the sales department, especially in terms of exports.

In the increasingly competitive landscape of global companies in 2024, the international expansion of a B2B company presents itself as a complex and essential challenge for the sales force. The entrepreneurial fabric is faced with the need to enter new markets, but the lack of in-depth information on potential customers continues to hinder this process. In response to this critical need, Vehnta developed VisionSphere software, which we’ll cover in this first blog post on the product website. VisionSphere is advanced Business Intelligence software that leverages generative artificial intelligence to provide pioneering solutions to the challenges of international expansion for B2B companies.

The Complexity of Expanding B2B Sales Beyond National Borders

The theme of growth has made it very important for businesses to reach customers outside the borders of their own country, but the success of this effort depends on a deep understanding of international markets. VisionSphere positions itself in this context as an invaluable tool, aiming to change the way in which companies deal with the complexity of commercial expansion in terms of exports. Thanks to the combination of advanced artificial intelligence and cutting-edge data analysis tools, VisionSphere offers a unique perspective for companies eager to seize global opportunities with clarity and confidence: to qualify their marketing funnel in detail.

With VisionSphere , Vehnta is at the forefront of leading businesses towards targeted and sustainable international growth. Generative artificial intelligence thus becomes the driving force of a new era of Business Intelligence, offering companies the tools necessary to actively listen to the market and make informed decisions that will transform the challenges of international expansion into data-driven opportunities for lasting success.

Why don’t most companies grow?

Detailed analysis of the reasons behind companies’ limited commercial growth reveals an intricate web of challenges that stand between many businesses and their ambition to expand successfully. In a global context characterized by rapid technological evolution and the growing complexity of markets, it is clear that most companies do not reach their full growth potential due to a structural deficit in the approach to generating commercial opportunities and generating new leads, especially in B2B.

Companies often find themselves operating in unknown geographical and application markets, in which the lack of a clear methodology for listening to potential customers represents an insurmountable obstacle. The lack of detailed and timely information, combined with an unstructured opportunity generation process, makes it difficult for companies to adopt data-driven strategies when approaching new markets, thus slowing down their growth potential.

Furthermore, the persistent adherence to traditional processes and the inability to effectively intercept the market’s real needs make companies’ efforts to expand their business ineffective. The disorganized approach to international growth has a significant impact on financial results, with companies wasting precious resources on new business development activities, which, according to BCG’s (Boston Consulting Group) research, generate poor results, contributing to an estimated waste of over $2 trillion globally.

It is therefore necessary to investigate thoroughly to understand whether a product or service truly responds to the market’s needs. Without a clear understanding of these needs, the effectiveness of marketing and sales initiatives risks being compromised, leading to ineffectiveness in both performance and costs.

Intercept the need to train Funnel Marketing

Despite technological progress in many sectors and departments of companies, many companies have not yet implemented an effective system for their sales, especially in B2B, to fully understand the dynamics of the markets. As stated in the Cluetrain manifesto by David Weinberger, Doc Searls, Rick Levine, and Christopher Locke, markets are conversations, and the lack of active listening to new geographies and sales conversations becomes a crucial obstacle that prevents companies from adapting and reacting flexibly to the changing needs of global customers.

Over the last two decades, commercial conversations have migrated to the Web: more and more companies are, therefore, looking for solutions to their needs through search engines. The Web is, therefore, a territory for sales, especially for B2B. In a similar context, VisionSphere becomes a crucial tool for intercepting these conversations, allowing your company to be prepared and act in real-time when the need arises. A crucial advantage for a sales force is to concentrate its efforts and resources in an intelligent and effective way, without waste, especially economic ones.

In the current competitive context, it becomes imperative for companies to go beyond the traditional approach based on the simple offer of products or services. With VisionSphere we offer a new approach to marketing aimed at proactively identifying and satisfying the needs of your customers or business prospects. This process, in fact, requires active listening, constant attunement to the actions that define a need. In a landscape where actions speak louder than words, early recognition of these dynamics becomes critical to success.

VisionSphere: Transform Listening into Growth Opportunities for B2B Leads

In this scenario, VisionSphere uses advanced generative AI systems and data mining and exploits a variety of information sources to intercept potential customers all over the world with an expressed need: exactly what they were looking for in a search engine. This approach allows companies to adopt data-driven choices to make the sales process more effective and efficient, generating clear advantages in terms of cost reduction and increase in sales.

VisionSphere ‘s data-driven approach allows companies to translate the information collected into effective and efficient strategic choices. In addition to the degree of propensity to purchase, VisionSphere provides relevant details such as the geographical location of interested companies, the period of time in which they expressed interest, and the specific nature of that interest. This not only improves the precision of company actions but also offers a clear vision of the needs of its prospects, customers, and competitors. VisionSphere distinguishes itself by capturing and shaping the data generated online by the software users’ target companies. VisionSphere’s innovative features open an unprecedented window into the world of business, revealing not only the “who” and the “what” but also the “where” and the “when.”

1. Geographical Classification (WHERE)

VisionSphere, with its global perspective, goes beyond simply recognizing relevant companies by assigning them a score that reflects their importance in each global location. This approach offers businesses a clear and detailed map of the companies with the most fervent needs, allowing for targeted and precise communication strategies.

2. Temporality of Interest (WHEN)

By precisely defining the time period in which companies have expressed interest, VisionSphere overcomes the concept of “when” and embraces temporality with a minimum unit of 24 hours. This crucial feature provides an accurate temporal context, allowing businesses to synchronize their initiatives with the most favorable phases of market interest.

3. Classification of Interests (WHAT)

VisionSphere delves further into the needs expressed by reaching a more accurate level of detail; this translates into an overview of the needs expressed by the market and, vertically, you have the possibility of understanding what a person is looking for the target company.

In this way, VisionSphere not only collects data but also transforms it into a treasure trove of strategically vital information. The WHERE, WHEN, and WHAT characteristics become the pillars on which companies can make data-driven decisions, channel resources wisely, and optimize their path to commercial success.

VisionSphere: The Qualified Augmentation of the Marketing Funnel

VisionSphere is committed to improving the performance of the entire marketing funnel, giving the sales department of a B2B company leads ready to be contacted, with a focus on highly qualified targets.

Tangible Improvement of the Marketing Funnel

VisionSphere is a driving force that works directly on the essence of the marketing funnel. The software brings tangible improvements through a targeted and sophisticated approach, refining and optimizing every step of the B2B sales process.

Qualified Widening of the Marketing Funnel

VisionSphere stands out for its ability to find affinities and similarities between your customers and prospects. This learning process, combined with the power of Artificial Intelligence, not only increases the number of potential customers but emphasizes the quality of these leads, ensuring that they are in tune with your company’s target market.

In summary, VisionSphere is not just software but a strategic ally that brings a wind of change to daily business activities. With its sharp focus, ability to translate data into action, and the expertise of your commercial department, VisionSphere positions itself as the key catalyst to drive targeted decisions and intelligent business strategies.

VisionSphere finds customers for B2B companies

VisionSphere is the synthesis of a vision, the power of marketing, and advanced technology. The inspiring engine that fuels its essence is the ancient truth that markets are conversations. VisionSphere emerges as the facilitator of this continuous dialogue, thanks to the wise use of advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining.

The fundamental element of VisionSphere is the ability to translate the marketing vision into a tangible reality, exploiting the potential of cutting-edge technologies. Its mission is clear: to help B2B market companies find new customers and opportunities.

VisionSphere is a bridge between the present and the future of B2B sales, where market conversations are powered by artificial intelligence and the data that emerges from it.

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