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Brand Recognition

Discover in real time the awareness rate of your brand on your potential customers

Thanks to the Brand Recognition feature, you can compute the awareness that your brand has acquired on potential customers: this could provide useful insights to plan sales actions.

Find out how to evaluate the impact of your online marketing campaigns by tracking the increased impact of your brand.
VisionSphere Screenshot: How does the campaign overview work? Once the campaign is selected, the companies and their interest scores are displayed.

Brand Recognition

With this feature you can:
  • Find out the knowledge and awareness of customers about your brand
  • Understand the context in which they search for your name and offerings
  • Gain valuable insights to orchestrate targeted business activities

Your marketing impact

Knowing the level of brand awareness is fundamental for:
  • Choosing the most effective marketing strategy
  • Plan targeted sales activities
  • Optimize your marketing budget

Know your market position

Brand Recognition provides you:
  • An accurate analysis of the level of Brand Recognition for your target audience
  • Accurate data on searches for your brand name online


With Brand Recognition you get:
  • Increase of your brand visibility
  • Attraction of new customers/li>
  • Retention of your existing customers

Do you want to discover the real awareness rate of your brand on potential customers?

Use the useful insights provided by VisionSphere to evaluate how to plan new marketing actions