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District View

Discover what an industrial district is looking for and define your offer

Thanks to the District View function, you will be able to understand what an industrial district is looking for and precisely tailor your offer for that particular sector.

Discover insights directly from a business sector to make data-driven decisions.
VisionSphere Screenshot: How does the campaign overview work? Once the campaign is selected, the companies and their interest scores are displayed.

District View

Thanks to this feature you can:
  • Define your offer in a targeted and personalized way
  • Anticipate the moves of competition
  • Gain a competitive advantage

Precision tool

District View allows you to:
  • Access data and insights your competition doesn’t know about
  • Understand the specificities of the industrial sector
  • Identify the most interesting business opportunities

Enhance your offer

Specifically, District View helps you:
  • Develop products and services in line with district needs
  • Create targeted and high-conversion marketing campaigns
  • Improve your customer experience and customer loyalty statistics


With District View you can:
  • Increase your turnover
  • Strengthen your position in the market
  • Stand out from the competition

Case Study: Leader Machines Solutions

Case Study
Leader Machines

  • Year of establishment: 2018
  • Country: Italy
  • Turnover: € 55 Mln
  • Industry: machinery and equipment for the tanning industry
  • Main goal: better understand the trends and needs of the tanning industry in Italy



Leader Machines Solutions (LMS) is a young company operating in the industrial sector and specialising in the production of innovative machinery and equipment for leather tanning. LMS aspires to be at the forefront of change, anticipating market trends and actively listening to feedbacks from Italy’s main tanning districts: Solofra, Santa Croce sull’Arno and Arzignano. These districts house the majority of Italian tanneries, and the high concentration of these tanneries makes them focal points for understanding real market needs and developments.

To achieve this objective and before definitively launching its commercial offer to the market, LMS has decided to use VisionSphere’s District View function. This function provides a detailed understanding of the industrial landscape of each tanning district, monitoring local research and trends. This strategic approach will enable LMS to identify new insights, adapt its machinery, communication and commercial strategies to the specific needs of the districts and outperform the competition with tailor-made solutions.


LMS’ goals are clear:
  1. Define a targeted and customised offer for each tanning district
  2. Develop products and services in line with district-specific needs
  3. Create targeted, high-conversion marketing campaigns
  4. Anticipate competitors’ moves in the monitored areas
Once the goals have been defined, the only remaining step for LMS is to devise an appropriate strategy that will help it achieve them.


LMS is aware of the importance that a strategic and timely approach holds in optimising the use of District View campaigns. In fact, in order to maximise the effectiveness of such campaigns and ensure that informed business decisions are made, it plans to launch these initiatives at least six months before making any operational decisions. This time period allows the company to capture all relevant searches in its industry during a significant interval, thus building a solid potential customer database on which to base future strategies.
Let us see in detail how LMS has structured its District View campaigns on VisionSphere.

Campaign creation

The campaign creation process with VisionSphere is almost effortless: the company names the campaign based on the tanning district being looked at, it defines the area in which it wants to carry out its campaign by selecting it directly on the map, and enters all the information necessitated by VisionSphere to intercept only those searches relevant to the LMS business, therefore:
  1. Description of your business
  2. Main strengths and points of difference that distinguish you from competitors
  3. Keywords to be monitored

By entering this informations VisionSphere automatically generates the content required to complete the campaigns.

Let’s take a detailed look at an example of the main keywords that LMS has decided to include in its campaigns, subdivided into macro topics:
  • Own brand name and competitor names
  • Specific names of own products and the products of competitors
  • Leather processing machinery:
    • Macchine spaccatrici per pellami (Leather splitting machines)
    • Impianti di concia al cromo (Chrome tanning plants)
    • Impianti di concia al vegetale (Vegetable tanning plants)
    • Macchine per lo scolorimento del cuoio (Leather discolouring machines)
  • Sustainability in leather tanning:
    • Tecniche di concia senza cromo (Chrome-free tanning techniques)
    • Tecniche di concia naturale (Natural tanning techniques)
    • Tecnologie per il riciclo dei sottoprodotti conciari (Technologies for recycling of tanning by-products)
  • Trade fairs and industry events:
    • Lineapelle
    • Simac Tanning Tech
  • Automation and new technologies:
    • Robot per la movimentazione dei pellami (Robots for leather handling)
    • Sistemi di automazione per la lavorazione del cuoio (Automation systems for leather processing)
    • Macchine intelligenti per la selezione delle pelli (Intelligent machines for leather sorting)
  • Industry standards and regulations:
    • Regolamenti REACH per la concia dei pellami (REACH regulations for leather tanning)
    • Normative ambientali per gli impianti conciari (Environmental regulations for tanning plants)
    • Certificazioni ambientali per i processi di concia (Environmental certifications for tanning processes)
  • New tenders for Industry 4.0 and 5.0 investments:
    • Bandi industria 4.0 (Industry 4.0 tenders)
    • Finanziamenti per la digitalizzazione aziendale (Funding for company digitisation)
After completing the creation of the first campaign, LMS can proceed with the creation of the other two campaigns for the remaining districts, assigning them the corresponding district name and adjusting the monitoring area. This approach allows VisionSphere to collect data in an organised manner, subdividing it according to specific geographic areas and needs.


As soon as the campaigns have been activated, VisionSphere starts monitoring the areas concerned on a daily basis. In fact, LMS has a daily overview of the searches carried out in the three districts; not only that, the company can see the exact search volume for each keyword, which provides important insights into each area.
After six months of monitoring, LMS has accumulated enough data to implement its strategies with the data at hand. Let us look in detail at the data collected for each campaign.


In the Solofra district, LMS has detected a strong interest expressed towards machinery that improves the quality of the leather produced, with a particular focus on solutions that guarantee greater precision in the tanning process. In particular, VisionSphere intercepted a large volume of research for this type of machinery: “Pressa idraulica per cuoio” (Hydraulic press for leather) and  “Tecnologie di misurazione spessore pelle” (Leather thickness measurement technologies).

In the Solofra district, LMS was also able to note that companies are showing great interest in a competitor from Milan and specifically in its hydraulic press model for leather.


In the Arzignano leather district, LMS has seen interest growing towards innovative solutions that reduce the environmental impact of leather tanning. VisionSphere highlighted a significant volume of research on sustainability-related topics, such as “Tecniche di concia senza cromo” (Chrome-free tanning techniques), “Tecniche di concia naturale” (Natural tanning techniques) and “Tecnologie per il riciclo dei sottoprodotti conciari” (Technologies for recycling tanning by-products). In addition, significant interest was noted in the latest technologies in the sector, with research on ‘Automation and new technologies’ such as ‘Robots for leather handling’ and ‘Automation systems for leather processing’.

Santa Croce sull'Arno

In the tanning district of Santa Croce sull’Arno, LMS has observed a particular focus on legislation and regulations in the sector, with extensive research on “Regolamenti REACH per la concia dei pellami” (REACH regulations for leather tanning), “Normative ambientali per gli impianti conciari (Environmental regulations for tanning plants) and “Certificazioni ambientali per i processi di concia” (Environmental certifications for tanning processes). In addition, VisionSphere highlighted the growing interest for investments into advanced technologies, as indicated by research on ‘New calls for Industry 4.0 and 5.0 investments’ and ‘Financing for company digitisation’.

Adattamento della strategia

In the following months, and after a thorough analysis of the results from the District View campaigns, LMS adapted its commercial and marketing strategies to maximize business opportunities in the three Italian tanning districts, introducing innovative and targeted approaches.


LMS has conducted a detailed comparative analysis of the hydraulic leather press model offered by the Milan-based competitor, identifying areas for improvement and innovation. Based on this information, LMS has improved its hydraulic press model and introduced exclusive functions in its machinery, such as remote control via mobile app and preventive diagnostic systems.
Furthermore, to meet the demand for machinery that improves leather quality, LMS has developed technologically advanced solutions, integrating automated leather thickness measurement systems into its machinery.


In response to the growing demand for sustainable solutions, the company has strengthened its offer of chrome-free tanning techniques by introducing highly efficient vegetable tanning processes. It has invested in research and development to further improve its technologies and has obtained international environmental certifications, positioning itself as an ecologically responsible partner.
LMS has partnered with leading robotics and automation companies to integrate state-of-the-art solutions into its machinery. It has introduced collaborative robots for leather handling and intelligent automation systems that reduce production time and improve the quality of the end product.

Santa Croce sull'Arno

To ensure full regulatory compliance, LMS has launched a customised consultancy service, helping companies navigate the complexities of REACH and environmental regulations. It has developed a compliance management software embedded into the machinery, which proves detailed reports and suggestions for improving production processes according to current regulations.
LMS has launched a programme to support corporate Digitalisation, offering comprehensive packages that include the implementation of advanced technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things) and machine learning. It organised workshops and webinars on technology innovation topics, attracting the attention of local companies.

Key benefits and results

The implementation of strategies based on data collected through VisionSphere has led to a number of significant benefits for the LMS:
    1. Revenue growth: the targeted strategies managed to increase LMS’ turnover in the three districts, in particular thanks to its customised offers and effective marketing campaigns.
    2. Strengthened market position: LMS was able to distinguish itself from the competition through innovation and the quality of its products, strengthening its market position.
    3. Increased customer loyalty: the ability to respond promptly to specific customer needs has improved the customer experience and increased loyalty.
    4. Continuous innovation: the analysis of data and market trends has enabled LMS to remain at the forefront of change, introducing new technology solutions, driven by the collected and sustainable data.


Through the strategic use of VisionSphere’s District View function, LMS has managed to successfully adapt its strategies to the particular needs and dynamics of the tanning districts of Solofra, Santa Croce sull’Arno and Arzignano. This approach has enabled the company to gain a significant competitive advantage, strengthening its market position and effectively differentiating itself from the competition. Innovation, sustainability and adaptability have enabled LMS to win the trust of customers and achieve a significant increase in overall turnover.

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