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Infidelity Rate

Intercept your customers and find out if they are looking for your competitors

Thanks to the Infidelity Rate feature, you can intercept your customers starting to search for competitors, thus anticipating your problems and helping you in managing your business portfolio.
VisionSphere Screenshot: How does the campaign overview work? Once the campaign is selected, the companies and their interest scores are displayed.

Infidelity Rate

With this feature you can:
  • Intercept real-time signals of your customers’ infidelity
  • Identify customers who are considering alternatives offered by your competitors
  • Understand the reasons that drive them to look elsewhere

Intervene in time

This way you can:
  • Anticipate any loss of customers
  • Take appropriate and timely action against customers potentially at risk
  • Improve your customer experience and customer loyalty
  • Identify in advance high customer churn rates
  • Intercept customers at risk before they move to the competition


Infedelity Rate provides you with:
  • Accurate Churn risk analysis for each customer
  • Data needed to understand the reasons for customer dissatisfaction
  • Concrete suggestions to improve your customer experience


With Infedelity Rate you can:
  • Protect your Customer Portfolio
  • Increase your revenue
  • Strengthen your relationship with customers

Who among your clients is looking around?

Find out if your customers are interested in your competition and take action with VisionSphere